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Sprocket pair, 4mm hole, black acrylic, 10 Teeth



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BR510564 4.73

We have a wide selection of laser-cut sprockets for use with the mini tank tracks. Sprockets consist of two or three plates screwed together to achieve the necessary 3/8" width and mounting hole. Multiple mounting methods, sizes, and materials are available, and we can custom-cut sprockets specifically for your application if one of the standard sprockets does not fit. We can also customize the sprockets with non-standard colors or spoke designs.

Please note that because we do not stock every permutation of material, size, and mounting method, some sprockets are cut as they are ordered. Therefore, orders that include sprockets may require one additional business day before shipping.

The following list summarizes the various available options:

  • Material selection
    • Clear acrylic is the least expensive option, and it can be painted for various looks. Acrylic can be more difficult to work with than ABS when using typical hand tools, and it is more brittle: an acrylic part can crack if dropped on a concrete surface.
    • Black acrylic is the most aesthetically pleasing option, though with the same drawbacks as clear acrylic.
    • Black ABS is the most durable and the most workable with hand tools. Therefore, if you plan to modify your sprockets, ABS could be the best option. However, the ABS sprockets do not look as nice as those made of acrylic.
  • Mounting options:
    • 4mm hole. This is the most basic sprocket, with a hole that fits loosely over a 4mm shaft such as those used in the Tamiya gearboxes (72001 series). If you need a sprocket to mount on your own unique actuator, these plain sprockets are a good starting point.
    • We will be adding other mounting configurations soon, including hexagonal shafts and Solarbotics gearmotor shafts. Please contact us if you have a particular output shaft that you would like to use with our sprockets.
  • Teeth/diameters:
    • Our standard sizes are 6-25 teeth. The diameter of the sprockets is approximately 0.185" times the number of teeth. We can custom-cut larger sprockets if you require them.


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