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Flexiforce Sensor Demo Kit


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BR980056 32.44
Featured in Stamp Lab Application on page 55 of the 2003 Product Catalog. The active sensing area is a .375" diameter circle at the end of the sensor. The conductive leads are easy to connect to a breadboard or through-hole area. The Flexiforce has an ideal output for A/D conversion - 0V is no force and 4.2V is 100 lbs. The RCTIME command may be used with a LOOKUP table or calibration formula to execute some math to make the output useful. The kit includes a 220 ohm resistor, 0.1 uF and 0.01 uF capacitor, Flexiforce sensor, and printed documentation.

You may be asking yourself, what kind of applications would call for this device? Application ideas for the Flexiforce Sensor include the following (but are not limited to):

Industrial Automation
  • Nip Roller (Paper, Fabric, Fax, Coin Machine)
  • Compression Moldings
  • Packaging Seals
  • Robotic Grip Forces
Consumer Products
  • Fitted Garmets (Hosiery, Gloves, Cuffs, Lingerie)
  • Pen/Tool/Gold Club Grip
  • Toothbrush Grip & Force
  • Footwear Design
  • Keyboard/Typing Forces
  • As a virtual reality force sensor in gloves
  • To detect seat occupancy
  • Toys & Electronic Games
  • Infant Carseats & Furniture Design
  • Automotive Crash Tests
  • Brake Pad/Foot Pedal
  • Horn Press
  • Occupant Detection
  • Airbag Force
  • Pulse in Fuel Line
  • Seatbelt Tension
Medical Applications
  • Insulin Pump
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Bandage/Cast Pressure
  • Neck/Back/Knee-Brace Fit
  • Probing Devices/li>
  • Prosthetic Limb Forces
  • Forceps Closure
Other Ideas
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Weather Seal/Strip
  • Univeristy Research Projects
  • Touch Pads
  • Joystick Handles
  • On/Off Switches
  • Alarm Systems


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