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Quick Link Test Board



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BR830066 45.61
The QuickLink Demo Board is designed to work specifically with the SureLink Transceiver (BR810065) This Demo Board and the SureLink Module are designed to comply with FCC Part 15 Rules and Regulations. The complete manual is available as a download at the bottom of this page.

Since the SureLink device (#30065 sold separately) is a transceiver, you are required to have 2 QuickLink Demo Boards and 2 SureLink Transceivers (BR810065) for bi-directionalcommunication. For high quantity applications, the ultimate set up would include a customized PCB (your own Demo Board) designed to interface with the SureLink RF Modules. The documentation outlines 3 modes of operation (Demo Mode, Cable Link Mode, and Stand Alone Mode) which allows you to set the appropriate configuration for your application.

Key Technical Features of Quicklink Demo Board with the SureLink Transceiver (BR810065) (sold separately):
  • Data DTE transfer rates of 1200 Baud to 115k Baud
  • RF Transfer rates from 48000 bps to 76.8 kbps
  • Range up to 1000 feet (dependent upon environment)
  • Scratch pad flash memory of 128 bytes
  • Long battery life of up to 5 hours of operation
  • 16 run-time selectable channels
  • Data Encryption mode allows you to send data discreetly (128-bit key code)
  • Built-in error correction for all data transmissions
  • Free PC software (available below under Downloads)
The SureLink and QuickLink products are manufactured and designed by Needham's Electronics. Technical Support and sales distribution is handled exclusively by Parallax.


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