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Parallax Javalin Stamp Module



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BR848267 93.19
The Javelin Stamp is programmed in a subset of Sun Microsystems Java language.  Advanced features, lots of memory, and the ability to run mult-ibackground tasks are just a few of the advantages.

The Javelin Stamp is a 24-pin DIP module programmed in a subset of the Sun Microsystems Java language. Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. The Java programming language is not the only thing that makes the Javelin Stamp uniquely different from BASIC Stamps: 32 k bytes of RAM/program space (leftover space can be used for variables, arrays, and serial buffers; 32 k bytes of non-volatile EEPROM; buffered serial communication in the background; up to seven UART objects that can communicated independently of each other and the main program; pulse width modulation in the background; 8000 instructions/second execution speed (not including background processes which run independently of foreground tasks). The Javelin Stamp is compatible with any BASIC Stamp programming board with a 24 pin DIP socket. The Javelin Stamp works with all of the power supplies that we carry in stock.


Javeline Stamp Starter Kit

NX1000 Basic Stamp 2p 24/40 Pin Development Board



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