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Parallax Basic Stamp 2PE


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BR848263 79.07
The BS2pe has all the commands of the BS2p (LCD, I2C and 1-Wire) but twice the EEPROM size, 32 K (16 K for program) and much lower power consumption. Ideal for those who use the BS2p and would like a battery-powered or data-logging application. The program execution speed is 6,000 instructions/second compared to the BS2p at 12,000 instructions/second. The wake up interval is less than one millisecond, so the long term average current in SLEEP is much less. For low power or data logging applications, this will extend battery life and increase reliability.
Do you need a programming board with your BASIC Stamp?
Connect your BS2PE to one of these boards.


NX1000 Basic Stamp 2p 24/40 Pin Development Board



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