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Parallax Basic Stamp 2


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BR848262 43.39
This BS2-IC is the single most popular BASIC Stamp module. Widely used in educational, hobby, and industrial applications. This module normally has no shortage of program space or I/O pins. Serial PC interface provides enhanced debug features.

The BS2-IC is recommended for first-time BASIC Stamp users because of the many resources, documentation, source code, and customer projects that are available for the BS2-IC. Our educational curriculum is also based on this module, making it a great place to start. Once you have become familiar with programming in PBASIC and have designed your own projects, you may want to explore our selection of Stamps with increased power, speed, or memory.
Do you need a programming board with your BASIC Stamp?
Connect your BS2-IC to one of these boards.

Board of Education
BASIC Stamp 2 Carrier Board
NX1000 Basic Stamp 2p 24/40 Pin Development Board
BS2 Starter Kit with Board of Education


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