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Parallax Basic Stamp 1



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By adding the BS1 Serial Adapter you'll be able to program the BS1-IC in the Windows environment as of noon PST on 11/26 when the new BASIC Stamp Windows Editor is released!

The BS1-IC is equivalent to the Rev D except it is packaged in a 14-pin SIP module. Currently, the BS1 software is compatible in straight DOS, Windows (3.1, 95, 98), or DOS 3.1 and higher only. As of 11/25 noon PST, you will have the option to program the BS1-IC in Windows if you purchase the required BS1 Serial Adapter. The BS1-IC is often an ideal fit for volume applications with tight space limitations. The BS1-ICís interpreter chip format is the most popular OEM solution we provide.

BASIC Stamp 1 Serial Adapter
New! BS1 Windows Software and Hardware Support
BASIC Stamp 1 Carrier Board
Super Carrier Board


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