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Add-on RS232 DCE For Basic Stamps


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BR809120 36.69
As the name suggests, this Application Module is an expansion serial port for Parallax's BASIC Stamps and Javelin Stamps.

The RS-232 DCE Add-on allows you to add an additional, full-featured DCE serial port to BASIC Stamp and Javelin Stamp applications. The RS-232 Add-on is compatible with 

Onboard sockets allow the selection of any available Stamp I/O pins for the serial connections. Unlike the BASIC Stamp's programming port, all signals are completely separate (no hardware echo of received data) and the RS-232 DCE AppMod provides enough connections for implementing full hardware flow-control.

Technical Features:

  • Connections for TX, RX, RTS, and CTS signals
  • Full TTL-to-RS-232 level shifting
  • May be stacked for additional ports
The RS-232 DCE AppMod kit includes the following:
  • RS-232 DCE AppMod
  • 20-pin AppMod extender
  • M-F stand-off
  • 4-40 screw
  • 4-40 nut
  • Printed Documentation
The demonstration application shows how to use the RS-232 DCE AppMod to communicate with a PC application developed using Microsoft Visual BASIC 6.0. The purpose of this program is to provide template techniques for use in your own applications. Demonstrated are methods of sending a single byte, a two-byte word, and a multi-byte string. Click on the downloads below for the application and complete product documentation.


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