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IR Buddy Pair



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BR808016 68.42
The IR Buddy has onboard IR transmit and receive hardware, as well as a communications controller that buffers incoming signals and manages data exchange with the BASIC Stamp.

Features include the following:
  • Simple, single-wire connection (bi-directional) with BASIC Stamp
  • 3-pin male header for connection to breadbords and standard .1 inch sockets
  • Auto-baud detection (2400, 4800, 9600) for Stamp-to-IR Buddy communications
  • Transmit RC-5 remote control codes, with programmable repeat and modulation frequency
  • Receive RC-5 control code, buffer up to 4 separate key press events
  • Send and receive buffered 8-byte data packets between BASIC Stamps through wireless IR link
  • Loopback test checks Stamp-to-IR Buddy communications connection
  • Low current operation: 2mA quiescent, 20 mA when transmitting
  • Sleep mode reduces current to 14 uA


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